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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Redefining Marriage

The last two days have been full of news and opinion on the topic of gay marriage. I get pretty fed up when I hear in the morning that 50% of the country is in favor of redefining marriage. By afternoon, they are saying that 60% is in favor of gay marriage. If that were the case then why are there only a handful of states where gay marriage is legal and most of those were enacted  by liberal judges and not voted for by the people?

It seems that the main argument for gay marriage is that it is "fair." That explains why liberals are pushing so hard for it. A liberal lives in a child-like state where the world should be fair. Whether something is fair should not be the criteria when establishing social policy. What is best for the majority of society is the  criteria we should be using and years of research has shown that traditional marriage has been proven to be beneficial.

In June, we will see what the court decides. My hope is that it's a small decision and it is basically left up to the individual states.

Monday, February 18, 2013

White House Eats It's Words

I'm happy to say  the White House had to eat it's words today. Last week it leaked Obama's own Immigration Plan, a  plan that Rubio said would be "dead on arrival" because it had no plan to close the border. I'm tickled that the administration had to use words today like "surprised, draft, unintentional" and "unfortunate." to describe their so called leak. Now they claim that  it was only a back up plan in case the bipartisan committee can't come up with a plan. RIGHT! Who believes that? It was just one   of Obama's many dictatorial moves to push his own agenda. He promised to work together with both sides in his first and second elections.  Yeah, when? He isn't serious about fixing the immigration problem any more than he is interested in fixing the debt. Trashing the country economically and growing government is what I think is his real agenda.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Lies

In the state of the union Speech on Tuesday the president made several claims that are basically lies. He said that they had reduced the deficit by more that 2.5 trillion dollars. He claimed he has added over 500,000 manufacturing jobs in the last three years.

Factcheck.org which is hardly a conservative source, said Obama "puffed up his record." Apparently the 2.5 is only an estimate for deficit reduction from budgets through the year 2022. Scrap that. We haven't had a budget in four years! The amount of savings also depends on where Obama chooses to start measuring. The Committee for a Reasonable Federal Budget claims, "Measuring either from a year later or from a year earlier would result in a smaller savings number because base discretionary spending (excluding the effects of the stimulus) actually increased between 2009 and 2010 due to larger-than-projected appropriations." The CBO estimates that the debt will move to $20 trillion in 2023.  Obama is making it seem that we are well on our way to getting control of the deficit but that is a lie.

His claim of adding over 500,000 manufacturing jobs in the past three years is also a lie. Again Obama has cherry-picked the time period to measure. He begins counting in January 2010 and there was an upswing in 2012. If he counts from when he took office in January 2009 till January of 2013, we have a net loss of 606,000 manufacturing jobs. Of course he is not taking into account the jobs that were lost when he took office in 2009.

The sad truth is that most people will not do their homework to find fact from fiction. They will take his word for it and think we are on the right track. Remember "the Summer of Recovery?'' If you say it enough, people begin to believe it but the facts show us not recovering but actually digging ourselves into a deeper hole.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not Dead Yet

My first response to Obama's re-election was to just give up. You know be one of those that say, "It doesn't make a difference anyway. " I was disappointed and angry for quite a while. I couldn't even have lunch with one of my good (liberal) friend and hear her gloat. Well, I survived the inauguration, me and my mute button.  Really I just wanted to see Michelle's dress. So now we are almost a month into the next 4 years of hell and I am starting to get my fight back.

This morning I joined our new club president, Karen at the Farmer's Market. Not a lot has changed, the Dems file by with their dirty looks and the closet Republicans give us a thumbs up and tell us how brave we are. Today a college student with pink hair came by to talk. I had seem him talking to the Democrats earlier. We found ourselves able to agree on a few issues and we had a wonderful 20 minute conversation. He was a kid who really did his own homework on politics. He wasn't brainwashed by  higher education or the liberal media. He was making intelligent choices by doing his own research. Shortly after him a Dem came by and told us that Al Jezeera was a wonderful news source and when we asked why she thought that, she took off. This is the usual response to our little table. It's like a dog that bites and runs. They aren't willing to engage us in conversation like this young UCLA student. That's a shame. 

I go forward now, not knowing the exact direction but confident that we will be able to make a difference if we keep fighting. The Palisades Republican Club has a new board. We will be creating enthusiasm with our presence at the Farmer's Market and at our monthly meetings. We need your help. Please join us in the fight to take back our country.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Obama ran in 2008, he could spout "Hope" and "Change". He could promise to change the tone in Washington. He could do that because he had no record. In 2012, his record is one of failure so now what will he promise that we can believe?

In 2008 he promised to end our foreign oil addiction. Last week he blocked a "shovel ready" project called the Keystone Pipeline that would have provided much needed oil and jobs. Gas prices are up 83% since his inauguration. Relations with the Middle East oil have never been worse with threats to block the Strait of Hormuz. Not that I am blaming Obama for that but Keystone was a great chance for the US to gain independence.

In 2008, Obama said that adding $4 trillion to the debt was unpatriotic but this week he raised the debt limit  by $1.2 trillion. That will just get us through until November. November? Why does that month seem significant? Oh, yeah... elections.

Obama loves to say he is the savior of the middle class. He loves to attack Wall Street but in 2008 he accepted more Wall Street money that all the other candidates combined!

Health care? Well he wasn't brave enough to even mention it in his State of the Union Speech last week. He had promised his plan would bring down health care costs but last year alone, they increased 9%. Employers are having to drop employee insurance programs because of soaring prices and the result will be more people having to scratch around and find affordable insurance or go without. His latest move is to force all policies to cover birth control, sterilization and oral abortion pills which goes against Catholic teachings. Another freedom to bite the dust!!

He promised to change the tone in Washington. We were all for that. His first move was to allow democrats to hold closed door meetings and exclude the republicans althogether. When he was called out on this, his response was, "I won." He had two years with control of both house and senate and yet he cries that he can't get anything done. He got plenty done...all bad. So his new tactic is to trash both houses and  claim once again, that he is our savior. His new slogan is ,"We Can't Wait."So he goes about shoving through his plans by executive order. Sound like a dictator to me.

We are nearing the chance in November to really make a "change." Will America be fooled again? In 2008, Obama had no record. In 2012 he most certainly does and it's called failure.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chilling Aspect

While I was cleaning out my parent's house, I came across a newspaper clipping that my mom had saved from 1967. It was titled, " Chilling Aspect: A 16 point program for the destruction of the United States." Chilling, indeed.  Here are the 16 points.

1. Preach individual rights not individual responsibility.
2. Go easy on anarchy.
3. Glorify cowardice as intellectualism and appeasement as enlightenment.
4. Sneer at patriotism.
5. Claim the aggressor can be bought off.
6. Do not require American history in college.
7. Breed distrust of the military.
8. Be patient with hippies who disrupt the universities and other established institutions.
9. Pound home that discrimination and lack of opportunity account for all who are "underprivileged."
10. Teach all "underprivileged" that someone else owes them a living.
11. Emphasize the "curing" of poverty as the cure for civil disorders
12. Sponsor unlimited government spending.
13. Preach "permissiveness." See that TV, drama and movies accept the immoral as moral, the abnormal as      
        normal and the obscene as valuable.
14. Infiltrate or confuse the teaching-talking-writing intelligentsia, especially those who work behind a
       prominent man as ghost writers.
15. Draw the churches into politics.
16. Manipulate the news.
Do any of these sound familiar? Scary, huh?


Monday, January 9, 2012

The Difference

WE  THE REPUBLICANS                                  THEY THE DEMOCRATS                        

We want job growth in the private sector                            They want more government employees

We want smaller government                                                 They want more government 

We want reasonable taxation                                                  They want higher taxes on the “rich” 

We want reasonable pension programs                                They want cradle to the grave security

We want an analysis of government                                     They want more agencies to greater control 
agencies and programs and curtail                                          our lives
duplication and excess

We want schools that benefit the students                          They want the schools to benefit the teachers
                                                                                                     and administrators

We want a coherent, pragmatic foreign policy                   They don’t have a clue how the world works

We want energy independence                                             They do not understand that sending our            
                                                                                                     money for oil to the despots leave us
                                                                                                     vulnerable to their whims and tyranny