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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chilling Aspect

While I was cleaning out my parent's house, I came across a newspaper clipping that my mom had saved from 1967. It was titled, " Chilling Aspect: A 16 point program for the destruction of the United States." Chilling, indeed.  Here are the 16 points.

1. Preach individual rights not individual responsibility.
2. Go easy on anarchy.
3. Glorify cowardice as intellectualism and appeasement as enlightenment.
4. Sneer at patriotism.
5. Claim the aggressor can be bought off.
6. Do not require American history in college.
7. Breed distrust of the military.
8. Be patient with hippies who disrupt the universities and other established institutions.
9. Pound home that discrimination and lack of opportunity account for all who are "underprivileged."
10. Teach all "underprivileged" that someone else owes them a living.
11. Emphasize the "curing" of poverty as the cure for civil disorders
12. Sponsor unlimited government spending.
13. Preach "permissiveness." See that TV, drama and movies accept the immoral as moral, the abnormal as      
        normal and the obscene as valuable.
14. Infiltrate or confuse the teaching-talking-writing intelligentsia, especially those who work behind a
       prominent man as ghost writers.
15. Draw the churches into politics.
16. Manipulate the news.
Do any of these sound familiar? Scary, huh?


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