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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Redefining Marriage

The last two days have been full of news and opinion on the topic of gay marriage. I get pretty fed up when I hear in the morning that 50% of the country is in favor of redefining marriage. By afternoon, they are saying that 60% is in favor of gay marriage. If that were the case then why are there only a handful of states where gay marriage is legal and most of those were enacted  by liberal judges and not voted for by the people?

It seems that the main argument for gay marriage is that it is "fair." That explains why liberals are pushing so hard for it. A liberal lives in a child-like state where the world should be fair. Whether something is fair should not be the criteria when establishing social policy. What is best for the majority of society is the  criteria we should be using and years of research has shown that traditional marriage has been proven to be beneficial.

In June, we will see what the court decides. My hope is that it's a small decision and it is basically left up to the individual states.

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