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Monday, February 18, 2013

White House Eats It's Words

I'm happy to say  the White House had to eat it's words today. Last week it leaked Obama's own Immigration Plan, a  plan that Rubio said would be "dead on arrival" because it had no plan to close the border. I'm tickled that the administration had to use words today like "surprised, draft, unintentional" and "unfortunate." to describe their so called leak. Now they claim that  it was only a back up plan in case the bipartisan committee can't come up with a plan. RIGHT! Who believes that? It was just one   of Obama's many dictatorial moves to push his own agenda. He promised to work together with both sides in his first and second elections.  Yeah, when? He isn't serious about fixing the immigration problem any more than he is interested in fixing the debt. Trashing the country economically and growing government is what I think is his real agenda.

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