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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not Dead Yet

My first response to Obama's re-election was to just give up. You know be one of those that say, "It doesn't make a difference anyway. " I was disappointed and angry for quite a while. I couldn't even have lunch with one of my good (liberal) friend and hear her gloat. Well, I survived the inauguration, me and my mute button.  Really I just wanted to see Michelle's dress. So now we are almost a month into the next 4 years of hell and I am starting to get my fight back.

This morning I joined our new club president, Karen at the Farmer's Market. Not a lot has changed, the Dems file by with their dirty looks and the closet Republicans give us a thumbs up and tell us how brave we are. Today a college student with pink hair came by to talk. I had seem him talking to the Democrats earlier. We found ourselves able to agree on a few issues and we had a wonderful 20 minute conversation. He was a kid who really did his own homework on politics. He wasn't brainwashed by  higher education or the liberal media. He was making intelligent choices by doing his own research. Shortly after him a Dem came by and told us that Al Jezeera was a wonderful news source and when we asked why she thought that, she took off. This is the usual response to our little table. It's like a dog that bites and runs. They aren't willing to engage us in conversation like this young UCLA student. That's a shame. 

I go forward now, not knowing the exact direction but confident that we will be able to make a difference if we keep fighting. The Palisades Republican Club has a new board. We will be creating enthusiasm with our presence at the Farmer's Market and at our monthly meetings. We need your help. Please join us in the fight to take back our country.

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